Member clubs of the gba

Harry Jones 1000 Yard Shooting Club


White Horse Firearms and Outdoor Education Center


Virginia 1,000yd Benchrest Association


Narromine - Dubbo Rile Club


Thunder Valley Precision


Cairns Rifle Club

  The Cairns Rifle Club is one of the oldest sporting clubs in the  Cairns area. It was established in 1893 with the range originally  located on the eastern side of Trinity Inlet, and later in the current  industrial area of Cairns.

In the eighties and with the growth of  Cairns as a major tourist centre, a new site was established by club  members in the current location of Wangetti Beach. 


Member Club Contacts


Contact Information for Members Clubs 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact:  


              Harry Jones      Gary Munson 

              White Horse    JC Jarrell

              Va. 1000            Jeff Green

              Narromine - Dubbo     David Goodridge  

              Thunder Valley Precision      Jeff Walker   

              Cairns Rifle Club          Trevor Armstrong                                                                                                      

Global Benchrest Association Office holders

 Global Benchrest Association Directors:

  • Gary Munson, Harry Jones Range
  • JC Jarrell, White Horse Range
  • Jeff Green, Virginia 1000
  • Jeff Walker, Thunder Valley Range
  • David Goodridge, Narromine Dubbo Range
  • Trevor Armstrong   Cairns Rifle Club 

GBA Chairman:  Jeff Green

GBA Regional Administrator--Australia:  David Goodridge
GBA Secretary/Treasurer:  Mike Wallace

GBA Website Administrator:  Mike Giazauskas

GBA Awards Administrators:  Stanley Taylor and Larry Bryant

GBA Records Administrator:  Stephen Reimers 


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